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  • How should I submit my order?
    We accept print order forms handed to our staff on picture day in addition to orders submitted online. Online purchases should be made within the deadline and print forms are only accepted during the time of capture. Do not attempt to submit your order form via mail. If you are having difficulty or questions about ordering online, please contact us for further assistance.
  • When can I expect my picture order?
    Every assignment we produce is afforded a 7 day delay of production to accommodate online ordering post-capture date. We request customers either have the physical order form provided at the point of capture or submit online within the deadline. Do not sent orders via mail at any point. If your order was submitted within the deadline, you can expect distribution within 2-4 weeks pending the size and season of the assignment. Although larger assignments naturally require more time to develop, seasonal assignments may also experience slight delays during especially busy periods. If there are multiple picture days for the same organized sport, we will delay the production run until all teams have been captured so they may be organized and distributed collectively.
  • I didn't receive my picture order?
    There are a variety of possibilities. The most common reason your order is not retrievable on the date of distribution is because the order was received beyond the deadline. If we receive your order past 7 days the date of capture, your order may be refunded and dismissed from production. Click Here to view order status deadlines. In some cases, orders are submitted by separate customers for the same child. Be sure during distribution you only acquire the order that is meant for yourself and not the other. For best service, we advise submitting your order via online prior to or hand held on the date of your child's picture day. Alternative Reasons: Incomplete Information on Order Form Lack of Payment / Insufficient Funds Order was Mistakenly Not Provided
  • I have an issue with my order, what should I do next?
    It is humanly possible that we misread or made a mistake on your order. In this instance, you will be appropriated accordingly without question. To address any issues with your order, submit your request on the customer inquiry form at the bottom of this page. Please fill all information accurately and with specific details of your issue for best results.
  • Will my online order ship to my residence?
    Our interest is to collect all orders per your sports team collectively and have them ready for distribution all at once. Please submit your order online within the deadline date for best service. Orders submitted beyond the deadline date may be cancelled or required to pay a $20 service fee in addition to cost of products and will be first attempted to be included with the original distribution. We advise customers to not assume direct delivery as part of the $20 late order service fee. Click Here to view order status deadlines.
  • If I order beyond the deadline, why is it refunded or charged a service fee?
    Searching, printing and delivery of a single independent order after the full assignment has already been submitted for processing presents multiple undesirable challenges, expense and disrupts our ability to remain focused on other upcoming or current assignments. In many cases, the cost of fulfilling "past deadline" orders, is an expense beyond the actual purchase itself. Submitting your order within the deadline window allows us include it while it's relevant for your event so we can move on to our next assignment free from delays. In the case a late order is accepted for processing, a $20 additional fee upon checkout is required to afford the personal service. In such case, a customer must select the "service fee" option and not "free distribution" when finalizing their order or it will be cancelled and refunded without exception.
  • What is the Rewards Program and why should I sign up?
    Our customer loyalty rewards program offers a combination of useful resources. Once registered, members are afforded a personal profile page with a variety of capabilities such as an archived history of your purchases (online purchases only) to discount coupon codes. Our members are able to manage their purchases while enjoying the benefits of loyalty rewards.
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