Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't receive my picture order?

There are a variety of possibilities. The most common reason your order is not retrievable on the date of distribution is because the order was received beyond our date of actual photography. If you submit an order past this date, you will expect delays as we do not submit orders individually to households, but gets placed into a "late order" production run that we will collect over the span of 3-4 weeks. For best service, we advise submitting your order via online prior to or hand held on the date of your childs picture day. Alternative Reasons: Incomplete Information on Order Form Lack of Payment / Insufficient Funds An Unretrieved Order Returned to Office

Will my online order ship to my residence?

No! Our interest is to collect all orders per your sports team collectively and have them ready for distribution all at once. Please purchase your order online prior to the date of actual photography and you will be fine. Orders beyond this point will be subject to a 3-4 week delay and will have to pick up when made ready.

If I order past picture day, why is my order being delayed?

Finding your child independently throughout multiple organizations, teams and picture days is incredibly difficult and time consuming for a single order. Having the order prior to the original production date helps us include it while it's currently relevant for that segment with the ability to move on to our next assignment without disruption or delays.

Why is my order missing items?

There are a couple factors. First, it is humanly possible that we misread or made a mistake. In this instance, you will be appropriated accordingly without question. In the case of separate orders for an individual child, please be sure you had received the order that is meant for yourself and not the other.

When can I expect my picture order?

If your order was presented to us prior to or on the date your child's picture was captured, you can expect distribution within 1-3 weeks pending the size of the assignment. If there are multiple picture days for the same organized sport, we will delay the production run until all teams have been captured so they may be organized and distributed collectively.

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