Legacy Photography began early November of 2008, having been to first to build its studio in the heart of downtown Fargo.  We were leaders in presenting the region a photographic style of top quality, artistically motivated imagery in combination with the timeless capture of photojournalism and the traditional style of formal photography.

Our unique style encompasses what we call “directive storytelling” as our clients enjoy the excitement of the stylized digital creations we produce, yet endeavor to experience the casual flow of their big day.  Since 2009, multiple photographers have attempted adopted a similar format, yet we continue to maintain our unique originality.

Legacy Photography is a regional leader in multiple forms of photography.  Our clients range from corporate, political and organizational events to of course wedding photography, business portraits, graduation sessions, family/ youth sittings and school/ sports photography.

At Legacy Photography, you will receive top talent for your investment.  We pride ourselves in the outstanding and overwhelming feedback we have accumulated from our clients.  We hope we’re allowed the opportunity to leave you with the same impression.

Imposing a new genre of sincere talent in creative portrait photography, Legacy has brought forth a boldly new style in combining journalistic imagery and directive storytelling.  Our style is uniquely our own, with each new assignment transformed through our forward-thinking art.  Bringing flair and inventiveness to the hands of our wedding couples, each wedding album, senior portfolio or family composite we produce is a true testament to the value, confidence and capability we as Legacy Photography share with our highly valued clients.

Providing an experience of complete excitement, creativity and professionalism, you, your family and friends will live a day completely cherished and captured.  That is our promise!!!

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